Certificate Course in Design

A three-month design certification program

An intensive three-month program designed for those who aspire to excel quickly in the field of design. This training, which combines theory and practice, enables students to master the fundamental aspects of graphic design, typography, and motion design.

The Certificate Course in Design is designed for a complete immersion into the world of design over a three-month period. This duration allows students to intensively develop their skills while adapting to a fast-paced learning environment, ideal for those who wish to advance quickly in their professional careers.

The Certificate Course in Design program covers all essential aspects of design, including graphic design, typography, motion design, and more. The courses are designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of design, thereby preparing students for various professional roles in the creative industry.

The courses are taught in English, making the program highly accessible. Using English as the language of instruction ensures that non-French-speaking students can also benefit from this high-quality design training.

This program is available from the prestigious Intuit Lab campus in Paris and/or online, offering complete flexibility. Students can choose to experience Paris or attend classes from their homes, attracting an international audience eager to receive a quality French design education without borders.

The program cost is set at €4500, an investment for a secure future that opens doors in the competitive world of design. This price includes all the necessary teaching modules to obtain a complete certification, representing excellent value for a quality design education.

To enroll in the Certificate Course in Design, candidates must be proficient in Adobe Suite tools and have a computer capable of running design software. This ensures students can follow and participate in projects.

internationally recognised

This diploma enhances your design expertise and strengthens your professional training. It bolsters your resume, increasing your chances of employment in competitive creative fields.

perfectionner VOUS en design

This program offers practical projects and workshops led by experts, enabling students to develop skills in branding, motion design, and typography.

Networking Opportunities

Explore career opportunities and potential collaborations that can open doors to innovative and rewarding design projects.


Join a team of motivated students striving for success in the field of design in just 3 months.

In just three months, immerse yourself in a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. With a curriculum focused on practical applications and real projects, you’ll benefit from the expertise of recognized professionals and an innovative pedagogical approach.



Register easily online to begin your design journey and unlock your creative potential.



Three weeks of intensive design training where theory and practice converge.



Receive your accredited and state-recognized certificate upon completing the Summerschool.

Intuit Lab: Among the Top 3 Design Schools in France

Intuit Lab is hailed as a center of excellence, particularly for its Certificate Course in Design. This exemplary training combines theoretical teachings and practical applications, emphasizing essential skills required in the modern design industry.


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Certificate Course of Design
Master 1 International


This three-month program offers an economical and fast option compared to longer Master’s programs, making it ideal for international students. You can quickly and effectively learn essential design elements such as motion design, typography, and branding while avoiding the high costs and time commitment of longer studies. It’s perfect for those looking to rapidly improve their design skills and control expenses, especially if studying abroad.

The Certificate Course in Design at Intuit Lab is a comprehensive and intensive training focused on several key aspects of design. Over a period of 12 weeks, this course covers multiple areas of design to provide students with a solid understanding of the principles and applications of contemporary design. This course is taught in English to accommodate an international audience, making the studies accessible to students from diverse linguistic backgrounds. The combination of these modules enables participants to develop a diverse skill set, ready to be applied in various professional contexts in the field of design.

The Certificate Course in Design at Intuit Lab opens many doors in various design sectors, notably through Intuit Lab’s esteemed network of design professionals. Graduates are well-prepared for careers such as:

  • Graphic Designer: Creating visual materials for print and digital media.
  • Art Director: Managing visual design for agencies or in-house departments.
  • Motion Designer: Producing animations for various media.
  • Branding Specialist: Creating and managing brand identities.
  • UX/UI Designer: Designing interfaces and enhancing user experience.

This certifying program, delivered in English, is ideal for international students and those seeking a fast-paced, applied design education. For more information, visit our website or contact our admissions office.