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A design school that encourages thinking, learning and understanding design

The Intuit Lab School benefits from an educational team made up of teachers and professionals recognized by the best agencies in the capital. Students studying in Paris make the choice of a life in a dynamic and multicultural environment. They benefit on a daily basis from the extraordinary cultural potential of the city, easily accessible from the school due to its central location. Due to its geographical location, students work alongside an unequaled pool of jobs in the creative professions.

Arts & Culture

Museums, libraries, conservatories, theaters, archives, cinemas, workshops ...
Parisian cultural life is exceptional and every year attracts millions of individuals to discover “living in Paris”.
Each street, each pavement is steeped in history: the possibilities are immense, both day and night.
Prestigious historic places rub shoulders with living, contemporary art, in perpetual reinvention. The greatest international artists share the city with the rising wave of young artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Intuit Lab School in Paris, founded more than twenty years ago, is a prestigious design school. It focuses on training high-level designers and creators, with a personalized educational approach adapted to contemporary issues.

Paris offers an exceptional cultural life. The city is full of history, with its museums, libraries, conservatories, theaters, archives, cinemas and workshops. Paris is a place where historical and contemporary art coexist, offering varied experiences. The city is a crossroads for major international artists and the new generation of young artists.

The Intuit Lab Paris campus is located at 90 rue de Javel, 75015 Paris.

  • Outside of Parcoursup : Admissions are made outside the Parcoursup system.
  • Application: Apply via the form on the school website or by telephone on 01 43 57 07 75.
  • Admission Interview:
    • After application, an individual interview will be scheduled.
    • Prepare a portfolio of your work and creative achievements.
    • The interview can be done in person or remotely.
    • Opportunity to present your orientation project, your creations and your motivation.
  • result: Return on eligibility after the interview.
  • Confirmation of Admission: If admitted, confirm your place by returning the registration form by email or post.
  • Home : Welcome to the Intuit Lab School!

Admission Requirements to the Intuit Lab School

  • Preparatory class : Open to all high school graduates, all series.
  • Maintenance: Understand the maintenance demands. Fiberglass pools typically require less upkeep compared to concrete pools with liners. Presentation of personal work, demonstration of motivation and explanation of professional aspirations.
  • Bachelor and Master: Must have a Bac+ in applied arts.
  • Please note: Parallel admissions in higher year possible, but places limited.

The training courses offered in Paris by the Intuit Lab School are:

  • Motion Design;
  • Product & Services Design;
  • Game Art Design;
  • Visual Communication Design;
  • Digital Product Design.

Opting for the Intuit Lab campus in Paris means choosing a dynamic and multicultural setting in the heart of the capital. Located in a vibrant environment, this campus is firmly integrated into the network of Parisian companies and agencies. By studying in Paris, you benefit from privileged access to the city's rich cultural and economic potential.

Our teaching team in Paris, made up of teachers and professionals from the best agencies in the world, is dedicated to guiding and fulfilling your creative potential. On a daily basis, you will be immersed in enriching learning, surrounded by the best in the industry.

Intuit Lab School
90 Rue de Javel,
75015 Paris
01 43 57 07 75

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