1) To mark this:
2) Communicate means to you:
3) Do you pencil is:
4) The eye is above all:
5) On your wall is fixed:
6) Your philosophy could be:
7) A book is for you:
8) What do you recognize your friends?

You are a creative-oriented editing and illustration

Not focused on the brand or advertising, you are more challenged on editing, illustration and therefore the noble aspect of the layout. Driven by a rigorous but also a real interest in the visual, you cultivate a taste for the aesthetic image, well done and effective. Your taste for colors and graphics marked universe has nourished your personal culture. Artistic rigor does not inhibit you, it will allow the contrary unleash your creative spirit.

You are a creative-oriented identity and packaging

You believe in the effectiveness of a logo and maintain brands with real knowledge. Could not make you a product for another. The brand has an undeniable value for you as it allows to sign the personality of products, including their trade secrets. To the object is an element of curiosity and design quite exciting. Gifted with a good stroke of a pen and a creative mind, you've already designed products that make you dream as perfume bottles or innovative concepts.

You are a creative facing digital design

Geek, nerd or just keen on web, you are always connected, wherever you are. Fan of video games, your username identifies you on social networks and other sites you frequent regularly. It's the look that seduces you undeniably, textures, graphics effects. Director visual scene, your ambition is oriented image and digital versions will transcend it, thanks to your talent.

You are a creative oriented art direction

Gifted with a good sense of humor, listening to new trends and curious, you are creative in the literal sense. Photos, movies, video games, your curiosity led you to explore these areas, without privileging one. Your talent in you is your graphics versatility for the creation of the brand. Passionate about cinema, you may have already tried the stage, carried by your interest in the conceptualization of universe and characters. Perhaps advertising will open the doors of 7e art?

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