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The intuit.lab graduates work primarily in the following areas:


The latest employment survey by intuit.lab highlights the added value of the school.

13% Students work outside their home country.

98% Students found 1er a job within six months.

35K € average annual salary for a job 1er

What is a designer?

Designer, a key business.

Our life everyday is made of many things that one notices a distracted eye and yet hide behind which all aspects of the design profession: watch a poster in the subway, pay with a bank note, read magazine, open a bag of cookies ...

This endless list is enough to understand how wide is the range of graphic design business. The design is an integral part of our environment, the designer has a responsibility to society. The designer must facilitate use, reading, promotion, understanding of messages by incorporating it into an aesthetic approach in line with the tastes of his contemporaries.
Faced with all these obligations, we can paint a picture of the perfect designer: a creative personality, listening to a sensitivity, a psychologist, a curiosity of the world around him, knowledge of the latest techniques, environmental rules until ... 'constraints impressions of metal, paper, plastics, glass, etc.
This approach is quite different from that of an artist, he can express his vision of the world without any constraint other than its own ideas. Design, it imposes permanent success goals designer.

Gérard Caron
(Sponsor of the promotion intuit.lab 2004)
Renowned French designer
Co-founder of the agency Black Square
Founder of the site admirabledesign.com
President of Caron Design Network

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