Frédéric Olivennes, sponsor of the 2017 promotion

CEO of Weborama, an innovative company using big data to analyze behaviors, promote brands and anticipate customer needs, becomes the sponsor of the 2017 promotion.

Frédéric Olivennes is a born, digital-oriented director. He has directed numerous companies, focusing on content and branding, and commercial aspects thanks to studies at the Sorbonne and HEC. He spent his time at Greenwich, M6, Radio Classique, Nostalgie, and then managed the communication and marketing of the France Télévisions group.
Today, against the students of 5e Year, Frédéric Olivennes has put his experience at the service of the new generation by revealing some strings to succeed in a creative career.

Using examples from the Google interface, the simplicity of using Netflix and the Uber app, Frédéric Oliviennes has underpinned his vision of a visual and digital communication that should be inspired by future graduates. With an essential point to master: the typographic approach. "Give yourself trouble, be exacting! "A council that made the audience smile as this is one of the fundamental taught at intuit.lab.

The godfather also insisted on "the space of extraordinary creativity" represented by the digital, provided "to remain faithful to the DNA of the marks. "

The potential also in the data, becoming more and more sharp: it should become a must for designers to meet the needs, in an attractive and useful way. "Creative people will always be popular. Because there is never a commercial success, despite the power of the data collected, if the visual communication is not successful. "

Before using the communication campaign proposed by candidate Macron during the presidential election, in order "to express what one wants to do and do it. "
A few days to confront the final jury and to defend their ideas in front of customers, this advice was welcome.