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Intuit.lab mission is to enable companies to access a pool of creative daring young, motivated and innovative. This is the opportunity for the company to identify future talent through professional missions entrusted to them.

The training offered by intuit.lab
include several
formulas of professional mission:

From the second year of the Bachelor program, students must complete internships minimum of 4 weeks.

In 1 Master (Bac + 4), students can choose between a semester abroad or an internship in a company or foreign agency. This course can also be made in France. The period must be minimum of 4 months from June.

Master in 2 alternately (Bac + 5), the student is professional contract (employee status) during 9 months (from October) at the rate of 3 weeks a month on business and 1 week seminar training school. The company supports the contract via the OPCA.

2 Master in Creative Management, the student must achieve a final internship studies of a minimum of 4 months from June. intuit.lab engages with companies in the recruitment of young professionals by helping them find profiles tailored to their needs.

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Jobs, Internships, Alternation

Companies can submit their offers but also seek advice to recruit future talent (type of mission, contract, salary, etc.) with Agathe de Vergnes ( / 01 43 57 07 75)

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Become a partner

Companies involved in the development of intuit.lab choosing the most suitable partner for his needs. Several types of collaboration are available.

educational intervention:
throughout the academic year, the school is surrounded intuit.lab professionals in their fields. It offers you the opportunity to share your experience and to create a lasting relationship with the students participating in training through courses, workshops, conferences ...

Participation in juries:
Professionals are encouraged to evaluate projects of future intuit.lab graduates. This is an opportunity, as a company, to identify future potential on the quality of their creations.

Promoting the company and its businesses:
companies can strengthen their presence among students by: promotional sponsorship, organizing job interviews at school, presentation of the company and their jobs.

Collaboration on creative projects:
companies have the opportunity to develop collaborations with intuit.lab on topics such as creating a new visual identity, a website, a packaging, an advertising campaign ...

Form teams

The right to "training throughout life" allows many professionals to diversify or enrich their skills or change direction.

With its expertise in design and visual communication, intuit.lab school offers several continuing education a week for professionals.

These short courses, initiation and development, led by expert trainers in their fields are intended for all those wishing to acquire or improve their knowledge in graphic design, web and typography.

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