Creative intelligence

A school committed to the "talent for all."

Education with the ambition to do a sensitivity, said talent through specialized training allowing each to be through a creative profession.

The school registered his beliefs in what she calls "Creative Intelligence". This is consider teaching December design disciplines as the "golden mean" between theory and experience. The paradox that underlies this expression of creative intelligence is also reflected in the school's name itself. Both place of intuition and real laboratory, the school intuit.lab draws its strength from its ability to question constantly paradoxes.

Indeed, the school practice a mix between academic instruction and intervention practicing professionals throughout the educational curriculum.
Most of our students have in common is an appetite for beautiful aesthetics coupled with a desire to create and curiosity. In short, a creative energy. This spirit must be stimulated, exercised and transmuted into creative intelligence. This is where our mission is played.This is the basis of our education at school intuit.lab.

Creative intelligence is shared knowledge by which our students becomeIn France and abroad, Artistic directors, digital designers or designers-writers. The main challenge for a designer is to learn to use and channel his creative energy with relevance.
Thanks to the passion and investment of our professors from leading design agencies, creative young people learn throughout their journey, to answer a problem, mobilize their culture and
expertise to produce appropriate and aesthetic solutions in line with business requirements. Formés in this vision,  les young professionals innovative, enterprising and turned to digital will meet the challenges of the creative professions, such is the commitment of the intuit.lab school.

The word Founders

"Through our approach to design, the beautiful and the useful, we want to create creative intelligences. "

Allowing our students to engage, not as artists but as a society capable of contributing to shake codes, to reinvent and create freely.

active players and officials Trades and uses of tomorrow, we design a more professional education, in symbiosis with our industries so that together we form the expectations of today our students, Methods and future plans.

Fordism to uberisation, the transition from the industrial revolution to the service, design has always been at the forefront industrial change, organization or enterprise development.

A "mobile" environment or moves to better reconstruct new forms and reinvent itself. Our job is to accompany these changes and to implant this view with students.

Based on a vision of teaching and responsibility instill training professionalizing, intuit.lab school keep on going also his watch on future careers in our industry.

By the yardstick a course which can take several years, the student (s) must be able to offer its services to a market when he / she becomes a graduate (e).

We promise to be les players in the transmission and du change without losing view fundamentals of awakening the beautiful and the useful.

Basic, always looking to what our fellow young people will be able to create later, rather qu'orientés to the reproduction of what we have learned to do. These fundamental need be used for reveal the nature of the creative idea of ​​our students. This idea generator, located the heart of our enseignement, allows us to stay on course while systematically renewing the field of business in our industries.

From left to right: Patrick Felices, Clement Derock and Frédéric Lalande.

three Campus

Laurent Baley

Laurent Baley


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Olivier Jacques

Educational Director

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Evezard Anne

Director of Admissions

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Laurent Baley

General manager

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John Moses De Faria


Olivier Jacques

Olivier Jacques

Educational Director

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Céline Liogier

teaching assistant

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Ravi Deshpande


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Yan Garin

Studies director

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Marketing Director / Admissions

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Admissions & Diplomas

Prep, Prep International, French & Creation And Manaa

Required level : Bachelor all series.

Admission procedure: online application, motivation interview with presentation of personal work.

Two methods are possible:
1. You choose the date and time slot of a personal interview that suits you best when you complete your online application.
2. You choose from one of the admission sessions offered by the school intuit.lab when you complete your online application. The admission session meets several candidates and corresponds to a personal interview, followed by a presentation and a tour of the facility featuring a meeting with students of the school intuit.lab.


year 2
Required level : 1's degree in applied arts.

year 3
Required level : 2's degree in applied arts.

Degree obtained :
The diploma program in design is designed for a period of 5 years without intermediate title. Nevertheless, BA + 3, the school issues a school certificate showing the number of ECTS (European Credits), which allows students to assert their three years of study.

Admission procedure:

1. Online Application form
2. Maintenance face a jury and presentation of a portfolio of work

Mastères Direction Artistique en Alternance

year 4
Required level : 3's degree in applied arts.

Year 5 - Brand Design
Required level : 4's degree in applied arts.

Year 5 - Digital communication

Required level :
Bac + 4 of which 2 minimum years in applied arts.

Degree obtained :
The Director-degree (trice) Artistic visual communication and digital design, alternating, issued by the school intuit.lab is a title certified by the State Level I (Bac + 5) registered in NCPR (National Directory of Certifications professional) which will be published in the Official Journal is dated 03 / 07 / 2014. Holders of that diploma may occupy part or employee job as Artistic Director in graphic art, artistic director of multimedia, web art director, creative director digital design, artistic director of interactive design.

Admission procedure:

1. Online application.
2. Maintenance face a jury and presentation of a book.

Creative Management Master

year 5
Required level : Bac + 4 / 5 in a field other than the design

Degree obtained :
The diploma of Master's Creative Management, is delivered by intuit.lab (number of credits: 75 ECTS). At the end of the course, the graduates can claim to manage creative teams, identify graphic design issues and offer innovative answers: they bridge the gap between designers and the company's strategic expectations.

Admission procedure:

1. Online Application form
2. Individual Motivation

Life at school


Due to its human scale, the school intuit.lab is a warm hotel intuit.labiens which offers a tailor-made solution through Has teachers and administrative involved.

To his students, the school intuit.lab is more than a school: it is a place of fulfillment, creative emulation, dialogues rewarding with professionals. A place meetings, where life seethes.
Apart from high-level courses, strong friendships are created, nurtured by group work
always oriented towards working life and the concrete. These moments of creation are several valuable. They add to the lessons a real team cohesion and food for thought by the exchange. The mind of school intuit.lab is creative, bold and open to the world.



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Be a student at school intuit.lab

Les students of school intuit.lab have student status and so access to services related to this status:

- Sstudent social ecurity (SMEBA or LMDE)

- Runiversity estaurant

- Tates students in the various transport and services.

The creative youth 5e year Master proposed alternating cycle (professional contract) benefit, Them, employee status and receive so 80% of SMIC. They depend on the social security of the company and have the same holidays that every employee.

The Students Office

Students can invest more in the life of the school through the BDE (Students Office) in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Mumbai.

BDE's mission is to organize cultural, festive events and create social links between intuit.labiens. They manage the day of integration, sponsorship among students to facilitate the entry of newcomers and organize activities in a non-school setting to contribute to the warm atmosphere at school intuit.lab.

Engagement with BDE empowers, involves and unites students. Members learn to manage a budget, negotiate, plan and carry in many projects as in the professional world.


Key figures