Discover the best 2017 diploma projects!


A jury of design and creative professionals met recently at the intuit.lab school to evaluate the major projects carried out by 5 studentseyear. This is an important moment for the juniors of intuit.lab, since this work concludes a course and validates the obtaining of a diploma.

After counting the votes, we are proud to present the 2 Brand Design Projects which have distinguished themselves:

1er Awards - Anaïs Lobmeyer with NASA & Lishaï Touitou with SKYPE

3th price -Pauline Senechault with EBAY

A look at the 10 best Brand Design Project presented by the 2017 promotion.

ALPES by Justine Le Bourvellec

<P / CLARKS by Jean-françois Ballé

EBAY by Pauline Senechault

FNAC-DARTY by Thomas Dollé-Labbé

INA by Margot Lefebvre

NASA by Anaïs Lobmeyer

PETMATE by Qingli Li

SKYPE by Lishaï Touitou

VIMEO by Matthieu Verlaine

The intuit.lab school warmly thanks all the professionals for their interest and their participation in this event, which is still part of a process of sharing and educational investment in the service of the profession.

Rendezvous next year with the 2018 promotion!