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A school that encourages reflection, learning and understanding of design

The Intuit Lab School benefits from an educational team made up of teachers and professionals recognized by the best agencies in the capital. Students studying in Paris make the choice of a life in a dynamic and multicultural environment. They benefit on a daily basis from the extraordinary cultural potential of the city, easily accessible from the school due to its central location. Due to its geographical location, students work alongside an unequaled pool of jobs in the creative professions.

Arts & Culture

Museums, libraries, conservatories, theaters, archives, cinemas, workshops ...
Parisian cultural life is exceptional and every year attracts millions of individuals to discover “living in Paris”.
Each street, each pavement is steeped in history: the possibilities are immense, both day and night.
Prestigious historic places rub shoulders with living, contemporary art, in perpetual reinvention. The greatest international artists share the city with the rising wave of young artists.

Admissions in Paris

Admissions in Paris

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